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CCTV Monitoring


CCTV Monitoring Services


By providing remote, off site CCTV monitoring, VRC can secure your premises 24/7 at a highly competitive cost.

VRC are specialist in providing Remote Video Response which is enabled through integrating the VRC control room with your existing or new, compatible CCTV, movement detection and public address systems.

Through the integration of this technology VRC can provide:

CCTV Monitoring Surveillance

Through the application of CCTV Remote Monitoring, Video Receiving Centre can protect your site from both crime and vandalism.

Utilising Camera systems with external detector activated technology, Video Receiving Centre can view all areas of your premises 24/7, enabling an effective and cost efficient first line of defence against intrusion, immediately escalating any instances of intrusion to the Local Police Authority and Site Representative as appropriate. A police response would be requested at this stage.

CCTV Monitoring Surveillance enables Video Receiving Centre to provide high quality visual verification in a digital format, to the Local Police Authorities for evidentiary purposes, supporting prosecutions against intruders and vandals.

Live Audio Warnings and Remote Verification

Through the application of integrated Public Address (PA) systems, VRC CCTV Operators can advise trespassers that their movements are being recorded, providing live visual data from the received CCTV images to confirm their appearance and movements while simultaneously notifying the relevant authorities of the intruder’s presence.

Live Audio Warnings are an effective defence against further intrusion into a secure perimeter and can prevent vandalism.

Remote Monitoring Control

Advances in the integration of security systems has enabled VRC Operators to not only control and direct your CCTV Monitored systems but allows them to remotely control your premises entire security system, including:

These advances ensure site security while enabling the entry and continued protection of approved out of hours staff.

CCTV Monitoring Servicing

Video Receiving Centre can provide support in ensuring the effectiveness of an installed CCTV and security system through remotely checking the functionality and integration of the systems including:

Any anomalies can then be reported to the appropriate system maintainer for corrective action.

CCTV Monitoring Site Security Patrols and Lone Worker Support

Video Receiving Centre can assist in ensuring the safety of your staff in high risk, lone worker situations by proactively carrying our independent remote security patrols and by remotely accompanying staff on their patrols.

Utilising integrated CCTV, personal attack and two way audio systems, Video Receiving Centre Operators can maintain constant communication and interaction with site personnel and respond to panic attack alarms in the event of an emergency.

Amendments to the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act places responsibility for ensuring the safety of staff in lone worker situations on both Directors and Managers.