Think remote monitoring of your CCTV is too expensive? Think again!

Historically remote monitoring was considered a prohibitively expensive option due to the hardware, transmission and annual costs involved, however with new technology and high speed broadband, remote monitoring has become a much more affordable option and a viable choice for any customer of any size.

How does it work?

It works by movement detectors or advanced video analytics pushing an alarm out to our 24 hour RVRC, the integrated cameras and motion sensors detect any movement outside. If an alarm / detector is triggered, images from an associated camera are transmitted to our Remote Video Response Centre. If the images indicate a problem, our SIA trained operators will manage the incident, if necessary, our operators will alert the emergency services who will provide a priority response as the incident has been visually confirmed.

What are the benefits of CCTV monitoring?

Instead of detecting crime after it has happened, you can stop criminals before they attack – reducing losses, cutting downtime and minimising insurance claims. The move to remote monitoring consistently delivers higher levels of security and by working with a remote monitoring station with BS8418 compliance, you will get a priority Police response.

Will it work for me?

In a nutshell – yes! With more and more homes having intruder alarms installed, criminals are going to increasing lengths and targeting homes whilst the occupants are inside. With externally monitored CCTV you can sleep easy knowing VRC are watching over you and your family.